Rent a Car

Škoda Fabia Hatchback

(category A)

Škoda Fábia
Fuel: 95 Natural (petrol)
Consumption: 6,0 l/100 km
Power: 51 kW
Cargo volume: 260 l

Škoda Fabia Combi

(category B)

Škoda Fábia Combi
Fuel: 95 Natural (petrol)
Consumption: 6,5 l/100 km
Power: 63 kW
Cargo volume: 480 l
with Air Conditioning

Škoda Octavia

(category C)

Škoda Oktávia
Fuel: diesel
Consumption: 6,0 l/100km
Power: 103 kW
Cargo volume: 528 l
- available with automatic transmission

VW Transporter

(category D)

VW Transporter
Fuel: diesel
Consumption: 9,5 l/100 km
Power: 75 kW
Cargo volume: 1560 l
Seats 9
with Air Conditioning
  • Discount for long time rental
  • Possibility to rent a ski box and child safety seat
  • Our vehicles are rented with winter tires free of charge
  • Our vehicles have snow chains as the basic equipment