Basic conditions

Basic conditions:

  1. To issue a rental agreement a customer needs two proves of identity, an ID card or a passport and a driving licence.
  2. Rented vehicle will rented clean, have full petrol tank and in winter antifreeze mix. The vehicle has to be returned clean, with full petrol tank and in winter antifreeze mix.
  3. All vehicles rented by CAR4U have the compulsory equipment by law and a motorway sticker usable only for Slovak republic.

Conditions of the agreement:

  1. Any period of 24 hours, beginning from the time of signing the agreement, is a daily rate. If the vehicle will be returned 59 minutes over agreed time, another daily rate will be charged.
  2. CAR4U will rent only safe to use vehicles in a good conditions.
  3. CAR4U will supply a courtesy car if the original rented car had a defect that disallowed its use.
  4. Upon a request of a customer, CAR4U will deliver the rented car before signing the agreement on desired place and at desired time.
  5. CAR4U before signing the agreement will let the customer to check the car and to make a test drive.
  6. The customer is allowed to use the rented vehicle accordingly to vehicles disposition and for a customer personal use only.
  7. Customer is obliged to notify CAR4U about any occurred damage or need for repair of rented vehicle. If a customer does not notify CAR4U as soon as damage occurs, a customer is liable for further damage to the vehicle.
  8. Customer is obliged to use the vehicle properly, accordingly its use and to protect it against damage or theft.
  9. Customer is not allowed to use the vehicle for an improper use or a criminal act.
  10. The customer is obliged to pay a full cost of any damage of the vehicle that occurs when driving under the influence of drunks or alcohol.
  11. Customer while using the rented vehicle is obliged to inform CAU4R about any routes outside of Slovak Republic minimum 3 days before.

Payment conditions:

  1. Payment for all time of a car rent is payable up front.
  2. Cash deposit of 150-300 EUR will be charged up front.
  3. CAR4U does not accept payments by any credit cards. Only a cash payment is accepted.


  1. All the rented cars are insured against liability for damage. Customer is not liable for a rented car damage caused by another vehicle.
  2. Additional insurance against damage by vandals or weather and theft of the vehicle is also included.
  3. In case of any damage or theft of the vehicle by customer’s mistake, customer will be charged 5% of total repair costs or 5% of total vehicle cost in case of theft, but not less than 200 EUR
  4. CAR4U is not liable for the customer’s property and belongings left in the car.
  5. Personal insurance is not included, but upon customers request it is able to added and charged separately.